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Sierra Marin ft. Dakota Drake


Coming from San Diego with deep roots in Hawaii, Sierra Marin is a quickly up and coming revolutionary artist, musical medicine woman and producer. Sierra’s music is rooted in catchy hooks and melodies and yet brings the listener to ecstatic states of healing gratitude and remembrance. With support by Dakota Drake on world percussion and flute, the music is a soundtrack for a new earth community on the rise, bringing to light the beauty of the journey in these potent times of transformation.They’ve played main stages at major transformational festivals in California, Arizona, Oregon, Ohio, Hawaii, Missouri, Illinois, and Florida, sharing the stage with artists such as Kabaka Pyramid, Satsang, Alborosie, Porangui, Mike Love, Cas Haley, Indubious, Wookiefoot, Natalie Rize, Yaima, Ayla Nereo, and many many more.


Sierra’s intentional songs are the soundtrack to an awakening humanity, acknowledging the work one must do to heal through trauma and pain, in order to anchor frequencies of unconditional love, harmony, and beauty on this earth!🌍

Sierra Marin ft. Dakota Drake
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