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About Us

Holistic Healer turns visionary

Get to Know Frequency One Fest 

The Mission and Message of Frequency One is this: A music and holistic healing fest to gather and camp in community to awaken and elevate in a retreat meets festival experience.


Emily Thompson created this vision after attending a festival called Project Earth and Shangri-La in 2019. She was in a place of "in between" as she had been burned out in her Nursing career and looking for deeper meaning in life. As a Registered Nurse she never imagined finding her path by sitting in the grass listening to music but that was where she was transformed more than anywhere else.

She knew that the people of her community needed to experience what she had, especially since she lived in the very place known as "Destination Medical Center", Rochester, Minnesota. She set out to learn everything about holistic healing. She opened her own healing practice called Sacred Waves Energy Healing and grew her friendships in the festival community and eventually met a partner that believed in her dreams enough to bring it to the forefront. Over the next couple of years, Emily took this dream and began in her own living room, then moved to a friends back yard, then a large front yard, eventually hosting a Spring Day festival in May 2023. Although those were successful, she continued to manifest and follow her dream because she knew it needed to move in the direction of a retreat meets music fest for the ultimate experience.


Frequency One Fest, L.L.C. was officially registered as a business in December 2023 and all the wheels of motion then began. Together, with the support of her partner in life, Eric Fitzpatrick, and a dedicated team, they hope to bring a magical experience that will grow as they go.

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